12x09: The Man In My Attic (feat. Scotty Landes)
Let's Not Meet: A True Horror PodcastFebruary 26, 202400:48:47

12x09: The Man In My Attic (feat. Scotty Landes)

Stories in this episode:

Why I Make Sure My Daughter Can Call for Help | SassyPants5 (0:40)
Creep Tried to Follow Me Home | Technical_Fee4195 (7:22)
The Man I Saw Through My Night Scope | PerpetualConnection (14:14)
Why I No Longer Sneak Out | depressed_mayonnaise (21:59)
When a "Gut Feeling" Saves You | remlrox (26:37)
The Man in My Attic | throwaway1941029 (32:39)
Dodgy DoorDash Delivery | AnthonyBoardgame (37:13)
Someone Tried to Break into My Car | musical-nerd24601 (40:42)
A Kiss Goodnight? | Fudge_pirate (44:28)

Extended Patreon Content:

The Babysitter | GeorgiaGold
My Classmate, The Killer | Jessie H.
The Black Escalade | Jess
Roadside Creeper | Recie S.
My Mother's Late Husband | Anonymous

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