9x24: The Devil in the Walls - Let's Not Meet

9x24: The Devil in the Walls - Let's Not Meet

Stories in this episode:

- 3 Gunmen Who Stalked My Grandma's House, by Kitty (0:51)
- The Devil in the Walls, by Emily (6:37)
- Ben, by Kaitlyn (16:17)
- Joe, by anon (29:09)
- Creepy Unknown Old Lady at The Family Wedding by soft nights (36:33)
- Karma Got Him, by ForeverTraumatized666 (42:49)

Extended Patreon Content:

- He Was Looking For Me, by Anonymous
- A Story About Carl, by Anonymous
- The Mafioso, by Daniel
- Maybe Working Out Isn't For Me, by A Pink

All of the stories you've heard this week were narrated and produced with the permission of their respective authors. Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast is not associated with Reddit or any other message boards online. To submit your story to the show, send it to letsnotmeetstories@gmail.com.

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